Frequently Asked Questions

At the moment you can watch IPTV & VOD with any android box, firestick, mobile phone or PC. 

Latino IPTV can be watch on Android boxes, Firesticks as well as Android Mobile Phones or Devices.

Once your payment has been received and processed, you will automatically receive an email with your credentials for the given package. If purchasing LATINO IPTV, you will receive these credentials within 1-8 hours. 

Please check spam/junk folders if not received in regular inbox.

You will recieve an email with the instructions to install IPTV or VOD into your devices. If you did not get these instructions you can find them here –

We recommend you to have atleast 50 or more MBPS to enjoy IPTV or VOD. IF you do not have more than 50mbps contact your internet provider and request a higher speed package. 
If you do have more than 50mbps, go into your device and find the given application and clear the cache and restart the device. 

Yes, we have a discord support group where we provide 24/7 support. 

Join the group here –

If you are on the automatic billing system, your credentials will automatically renew to avoid having to give you new usernames and credentials when your payment is due. 

Enter into your device and clear cache and restart the device. If the problem persist, join our support group to get this resolved quickly. \

Support group –

Connections are the amount of devices you can use simultaneously with the same credentials without interruptions. 

If you have 2 connections you can watch on 2 devices, if you have 4 connections you can watch on 4 devices.