Support for DarkMedia

1- Once a subscription has been paid and your credentials have been provided, no refunds will be given out.

2- To cancel automatic payments, log into your Paypal and cancel automatic payments to us. If you can not cancel automatic payments via Paypal, we suggest calling Paypal to cancel the automatic payments.

3- Your URL is HTTP://

4- Once you have subscribed and paid you will automatically receive an email with your credentials, please make sure to check your junk/spam folder if you do not receive it within 5 minutes.

4- If you cannot find a channel or are having issues; make sure your internet connection is stable. Also, make sure to clear your cache on the firestick for the application you are using and restart your device. Once restarted make sure you refresh the application and refresh all channels.

5- For quicker support please join our telegram group here –